As we interact with our users and compare ourselves against websites providing information about online education and programs we have found it necessary to clearly present a case on the value of physical universities and colleges. This is necessary you will no doubt agree if you browse the internet for even a short period of time and inevitably encounter serious hyperbole about the value of online education. This is partially due to the rapid proliferation of online education start-ups and other websites that want to refer students to their patron education. Our goal is to be a different kind of online education database, not blindly referring our users to the latest hot online education of the day, but to institutions that will help potential students get the right education to meet their diverse needs.

We believe that online education itself is a very useful and convenient option for many potential students. Education is helpful for starting a new career and making yourself more employable but we believe that it is far more.

Your education is part of both your intellectual formation and your social network. Two things that are large determents of the lifestyle you live and how you make the numerous daily decisions every student is required to make. Because of this we encourage potential students to examine themselves closely to see if an online education is the best fit for them. If it will provide them the best experience and prepare them for not just their next job, but for the rest of their academic and personal lives. In light of this we have prepared some suggestions, pros, and cons of an online education versus a traditional classroom education. Even though we come from a pro online education perspective our hope is to be as impartial as possible in comparing the two.

One of the best reasons to attend a traditional brick and mortar school & college is the direct access to state of the art facilities. Engineering students get to actually work together constructing machines and materials and health professionals get to work directly with real patients in hospitals. These experiences cannot be directly replicated at online institutions. It is true that online institutions often have good instruction and in some cases coordinate practical application opportunities for students but by and large traditional universities do a better job of this.